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About Wamsley Cycles

Wamsley Cycles is a full service bike shop located in Morgantown, WV. We offer sales, service, rentals, and fittings. Wamsley Cycles is staffed with dedicated cyclists providing unparalleled knowledge to the cycling community. If you have a cycling need, we're here to help.


Wamsley Cycles started in the mid-seventies as a custom framebuilding operation, making frames to fit the individual as a tailor sews a suit. Shop owner, Chip Wamsley, learned his craft in England from Jack Taylor, one of the world's most respected frame builders. Jack accepted no compromises in design or quality and would only build "proper" (correct) bicycles. This philosophy remains the cornerstone of Wamsley's business today. Our reputation within the industry is so good that we've been chosen four times by the Bicycle Dealer Showcase as one of the top 100 bicycle shops in America. The bottom line is that everyone on staff loves cycling and wants to share this with their customers.

We carry major bike brands Trek, Specialized, Bontrager, and many accessory brands too. Our selection of bicycles is amazing, with everything from mountain bikes and road bikes to comfort bikes and kid's bikes. These bicycles are available in different sizes and can be fit to the rider to achieve optimal comfort and performance. Special needs bikes and trikes are also available to help people with physical limitations enjoy the sport. Our years of experience with a variety of riders helps Wamsley's make these needed modifications.

Wamsley Cycles is part bike shop, part hangout for cyclists, and part bike university. Customers stop in before and after rides to resupply or brag about their adventures. Often, their shared experiences help newcomers to the sport see what fun cycling is. Ride by and visit the folks at Wamsley Cycles,  located in the Seneca Center along the Caperton trail. Share their passion... get on a bike!

Stop By for a Visit


Wamsley Cycles is located in the Seneca Center at 709 Beechurst Ave in Morgantown.

The Caperton Trail runs right behind the store. Take out one of our rental bikes or bring your own for a great ride with no traffic.

We've recently remodeled the store so check out our new look. We have plenty of bikes, clothing and accessories for all types of cyclists from casual to serious enthusiasts!

Wamsley Cycles is located in the Seneca Center at 709 Beechurst Ave in Morgantown.
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We're Located on the Caperton Trail andWe Rent Bikes!

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